Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Blasting demons back to Hell has never been this easy.


This thing allows you to slow down time.

Those who’ve enjoyed Doom 3 will likely get a kick out of this expansion. Totaling 12 levels in all, ROE will have you explore parts of the ancient alien temple underneath the Martian surface, several labs, lotsa storage facilities and a mandatory visit to the fiery pits. The story is simple – you find an artifact in a sealed chamber and unleash utter hell the moment you touch it. It’s of some demonic origin or whatnot, but you’ll need it if you’re to partake in a quest to destroy evil. Typically the plot serves little more than filler for killing things, but the artifact in question at least has the cool ability to slow down time Max Payne style.

Otherwise ROE is mostly Doom 3 plus a few extra gadgets, monsters and gameplay gimmicks. New enemies include the Vulgar, a faster, stronger and harder-to-hit cousin of the Imp, and Forgotten Ones (flying skulls that resemble the ones from the original Doom games), several variants on zombies as well as a few new ‘boss’ type creatures. Most of the boss fights require some intuition alongside brute force, courtesy of the game’s overall emphasis on puzzle solving.

You’ll have to go through a greater deal more key hunts this time around, whether they’re literally called Key Cards or Power Cells. Busted machinery such as elevators and the like will need juice to function, to which you’ll have to scavenge the level in search of a Power Cell, usually leaving you in pitch darkness when you retrieve one. It’s basic, but these puzzles do give some sense of purpose.

Teh Devil’s A Pushover

New weapons aren’t numerous but they fit in nicely nonetheless. There’s an obvious rip-off of HL2’s Gravity Gun that you can use to turn everyday objects into projectiles, and a cool remake of Doom 2’s Super Shotgun – powerful enough to kill most bad guys in one shot at point blank range, but really slow to reload. All of these tie together in what is an exciting expansion, if not a typically challenging one.

Ressurection’s greatest fault is that it’s too damn easy. If you’re looking for even the slightest challenge then don’t bother playing on anything other than ‘Veteran’, as the ridiculous availability of ammo, health and armor pickups will mean you’ll be fighting fit at all times. In addition to the excessive gear you’ll also be able to use the gravity gun and bullet-time power-up early and often – in all the demons are at your mercy here, not the other way around. Great sound, graphics, graphic violence and easy cruising best describe this expansion, most of which work in its favor.

System Requirements: Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz, 384 MB RAM, 64 MB Video, Win 2k/XP

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