Red Baron

Snap8_1Red Baron might not look impressive now, but at around 1990 it had the best 3D graphics around. All objects were poly-rendered and were fairly easy to recognize. This World War I flight sim features a total of 28 planes with their own flight characteristics. Missions include taking down zeppelins, popping observation balloons and of course dogfighting. As the name suggests, you’ll also be exchanging bullets with top aces from both camps – Allied and German – and can review your battles with the game’s replay feature.

There’s a scalable difficulty model, so you can tone down the realism for more fun. You could choose to have an easy-to-fly flight model or a more difficult, realistic flight model. You could also turn off and on specific features such as black/red-outs, limited ammunition, sun blinding, or turn your plane invincible. The greatest limitation outside of the graphics is the AI, which was pretty basic back then. It’s pretty easy to lose enemies firing on you with basic maneuvers.

System Requirements: 386/25 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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