Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon

This mission pack for Shadow Warrior was put together by Wylde Productions and Level Infinity, two obscure teams that ultimately cancelled the add-on for reasons that are unclear. But instead of scrapping it, the original creators decided to release Twin Dragon as a free download, and so here it is.


Levels alternate between stale and interesting.

This mission pack consists of thirteen non-related levels that take you around sunny fishing villages, dilapidated factories, toxic waste dumps, military research facilities and an imposing fortress, among many other places. There’s little tying this packet of levels together other than a thin veil of a story presented in the game’s ReadMe, but such was largely the case with the original as well. But content wise there’s not a whole lot of stuff distinguishing this expansion from said original. You won’t find any new weapons, items or enemies to toy around with. What you do get instead is a set of decent levels that stand fairly well on their own, and which also tie in well together in the overall theme.

The level design isn’t that bad, actually. There’s a good balance between outdoor and indoor areas, and you have to hand it to the level editors for going out of their way to provide locales unseen in the original game, which was pretty diverse as well. The toxic waste facility and Japanese fishing village stand out the most.

Levels are otherwise complex and can take some effort to figure out, almost too much in some instances. Keys can be meticulously well hidden, requiring you to go through levels countless times before you find them. Add to that a couple of aggravating puzzles, including one inside a bank that you have to solve the first time or risk restarting the level, and you’re in for some painful repetition at times. My other issue is with ammo placement. There’s so much gunpower scattered everywhere that it makes the game a bit too easy on anything other than the last two difficulties.

Besides the thirteen singleplayer levels you also get three interesting deathmatch map. Both this mission pack and Wanton Destruction, Shadow Warrior’s second authorized add-on, were added in GoG’s Shadow Warrior sale.

System Requirements: Pentium 66 Mhz CPU, 16 MB RAM, MS-DOS 6.2

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