Unlike the civilian bystanders in this game, Postal is poorly executed.

Snap14Postal reaches new highs, or lows, in its attempts at gaining traction via controversy. The story in this mediocre isometric shoot ’em up is simple – a guy loses it and starts killing people, and it’s your job to guide his rampage. Postal is played from a top-down view with hand-painted backgrounds and what appear to be sprite-based characters. It’s not exactly cutting edge stuff, and attempts at adding transparent smoke and lighting effects has produced a game with system requirements equaling those of higher end 3D shooters like Quake 2.

Though Postal is violent, it’s only shocking to the person who’s never played Syndicate or Crusader: No Remorse, or any of the other graphically violent games that can be traced back to the glory days of Doom. The graphical violence in Postal is in fact very cartoony, and this leaves us with only one daring part of the game’s presentation – the sound. People beg for their lives, but the unavoidable repition of the same effects dampen any shock value.

Once over the violence and sound you start to focus on the gameplay, and that’s when things really fall apart. The controls are awkward and not particularly smooth, you can lose your character behind objects and buildings and the environments aren’t particularly interesting. All in all, it’s a boring game, and you can easily find this brand of mass-killing mayhem executed (pun intended) with greater finesse in other shooters that weren’t aiming for the controversy dollar.

System Requirements: Pentium 200 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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