NASCAR Racing 4

One of the most anticipated racing sims of 2001.

9_1Incorporating an updated version of Papyrus’ Grand Prix Legends physics engine, NASCAR Racing 4 easily delivers a realistic driving experience. But unlike its F1-based counterpart, NASCAR 4 was designed to suit a wide variety of player skill levels. While experienced GPL veterans will delight in the game’s ultra-sensitive vehicle dynamics, rookie drivers can toggle on a number of driving aids like traction control, stability control, ABS brakes, and auto-shifting. A full-blown arcade further increases the sim’s accessibility for casual fans, as does an AI adjustment slider.

Those opting for the unbridled challenge of NASCAR 4’s “in the raw” driving physics are in for a remarkable treat. As with GPL, it’s possible to lock brakes on individual wheels, snap the rear-end loose by yanking too harshly on the steering wheel, or even flip the car onto its roof — but the big difference here is that you are not driving a spindly, overpowered single-seater on some impossibly narrow and serpentine road course.

The exhaustive car set-up options that have played such a major role in previous Papyrus NASCAR titles also make a strong return, and with a number of significant new tweaks. You can now adjust track bar stiffness, shock compression and rebound, ride height, spring rates, and even caster en route to tuning the perfect racing machine.

14_1As with any serious racing sim, licensing is king. And to that effect, Papyrus has secured licensing agreements with Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford, and Dodge to feature the brand and model names of each manufacturer’s Winston Cup entry in the game, and 33 NASCAR drivers (from Dale Earnhardt Jr. to champ Bobby Labonte). The sim also includes a total of 21 licensed tracks, including the Daytona International Speedway, and all of it is rendered in 32bit depth and resolutions as high as 1600×1200 pixels!

Along with the physics, graphics, and sound, equal credit must be given to the finely-tuned AI. NASCAR Racing 4 builds upon the success of previous games, improving upon all fronts to deliver their most advanced title of the series.

System Requirements: Pentium II 266 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 8 MB Video, Windows 95

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