Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

10Headgate Studios continues to make golf look good, or at least smart. Tiger Woods 2004 continues to build upon last year’s remarkable 2003 edition. And this year’s model isn’t just a rehash of old material; it’s good enough to warrant a complete playthrough, as it’s a better and more complete game from top to bottom. What separates Tiger Woods from other golf games is its TrueSwing technology, which allows you to swing the club in real-time. The new version continues to refine this excellent interface. Speed, tempo, and swing smoothness all factor in to your shot-making ability, and no other golf game provides the kind of authentic feeling as does Tiger Woods 2004.

The feature set is more complete, with an enhanced Career Mode that includes the World Tour as well as individual tournaments. The World Tour provides you with the opportunity to boost your golfer’s attributes, such as putting or shot power, whereas the tournaments have purse money on the line. Your golfer may also pick up corporate sponsors along the way from real golf mainstays, such as Taylor Made and Calloway Golf. If you use your sponsor’s equipment (irons, woods, balls, etc.), you rake in even more loot during the year. The only quibble is that Career Mode is a tad on the easy side; it’s just a bit too forgiving after your golfer’s attributes reach a certain level.

When you combine the new features with a physics model that takes wind into account more than last year, stunningly beautiful visuals, more online options via EASO, and a course architect program, it’s hard to appreciate the game enough.

System Requirements: Pentium III 750 MHz, 128 MB RAM, WinXP

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