King of the Road

snap324King of the Road is an improved version of Hard Truck 2. The game simulates the life of long-haul truckers, delivering merchandise over large territory. You race other truckers and have to keep supply and demand in mind. There are different weather circumstances, and from time to time, you are invited to circuit races where you can earn a license to hire other truckers and start a company. Cash is used to upgrade your vehicle, acquire a new one, or to pay other drivers’ salaries. The first company to own a 51% share in the delivery market, wins.

While driving, you have to keep track of incoming orders, the truck load and the state of your vehicle. Servicing and refueling at regular intervals is necessary, and you can invest in scanners, protection systems and other equipment. The CB radio is not only used to talk to other drivers, but also to negotiate with the mob and the police, who are always on your tail, with wild chases over county borders.

The main improvements over Hard Truck 2 are higher resolution graphics as well as the new refueling system in the simulation mode, different fuel prices, a revamped repair menu, better sound, driving physics and collision objects, new equipment and better gameplay balancing.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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