Screamer 4×4

2You would think Screamer 4×4 is the type of action game to rival other 4×4 racing games such as Evo 2 or Redneck Racing. But in fact the game is more on the simulation end of things, and will satisfy some segments of the racing genre while alienating most others. Screamer is a racing sim complete with realistic driving physics and car customization options. It has to do less with speeding down a country road than skillfuly tackling difficult routes up steep gradients via properly calculating your gear ratio.

The only real place the game starts to cut loose is the multiplayer. All of that offroad mayhem you’d expect from this sort of game can be found there, alongside more interesting modes such as King of the Hill. It’s only a shame you can have but up to four players in one race. Unfortunately, the same level of intensity doesn’t spill over to the more technically-minded singleplayer mode. So in essence, getting underneath your car and being a complete grease monkey is the way to go with Screamer. Anyone who is into the hard technicalities of real-life offroad driving will probably appreciate those kind of details.

System Requirements: Pentium 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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