Jazz Jackrabbit

Snap109If you have fond memories of Sonic the Hedgehog then Epic MegaGames’ Jazz Jackrabbit should strike you with an instant feeling of nostalgia. The game is packed with six episodes with different themes, enemies and challenges. They’re also filled with hazards such as traps, moving spikes, fireballs, etc.Sounds daunting, but you can thankfully auto-save your progress at checkpoints within each level, and there’s also a lifebar (Jazz can actually take quite a beating).

The action is fast and also very fun, though the screen area could have been larger to accommodate your fast-running, furry alter-ego. You will find a great deal of power-ups, including stars that make Jazz invincible for a short time, or shoes that help Jazz run faster. There are also several weapons to collect, a great deal of different enemies and secret levels to discover.

System Requirements: 486/66 CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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