Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic & Knuckles
Platforms: PC
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sonic Team
Genres: Arcade / Platformer
Release Date: March 20, 1997
Game Modes: Singleplayer

This Sonic game is actually a Windows port of the Sonic arcade games. The game is essentially exactly the same as its cartridge counterpart. Well, two cartridges actually. This collection contains Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and the add-on Sonic and Knuckles cartridge. Together they combine to form a modified version of Sonic 3, which makes this sort of like three Sonic games in one depending upon who you ask. For some reason, Sega did not see fit to include Sonic 1 or 2, which is kind of a shame.

3Still, for all the jokes you can make about this title, the CD is still a load of fantastic side-scrolling platformer action. The levels are always graphically interesting and colorful despite the small color palette, and all are well designed. The control is simple and responsive, and the game is just a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that the wee ones just love these Sonic titles, which makes them a good choice for parents looking for a fun game that is also inoffensive, non-violent and contains an inordinate number of fluffy bunnies and squirrels. There is also a split screen two-player mode and a choice of three different characters, depending upon the game.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 50 MB HDD, Win95

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  1. Gerhalt says:

    First of all, Sonic & Knuckles is by far NOT an addon, it’s a separate title being utterly autonomous. Unlike Sonic 3 which upon completion feels unfinished and rushed out. And there’s quite a reasonable explanation behind that fact: you see, originally the 3rd installment of a fabulous series of games was planned as huge, nay HUGE game utilizing maximum capacity available in a Sega cartridge, 4MB to be more precise. Unfortunately the development team couldnt make the whole game in time. Only the 1st half of the game (S3) was actually finished and properly tested. Since it was imperative that a product contains as few gameplay bugs/glitches as possible, the high officers at Sega decided to split the game in 2 parts so that the developers could make the 2nd half (S&K) of it glitchless. Oh BTW this way they doubled the income cuz they released 2 games, instead of a single piece. However, since both games (ot should I say parts?) share the same game engine, the latter game, Sonic&Knuckles, had a very specific slot at the top side of the cartridge. And, of course, that slot was by no means a merely strange decoration. It was there for the so called “lock-on mode” enabling any gamer (owing any previous Sonic games) to stick another Cartridge inside of that slot in order to play the whole game (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles) as it was originally meant to be seen – a player watches the final curscene of the 1st half gradually transitting into the very beginning of the 2nd half of a story. Moreover, this way a player’s also given an opportunity to play as Knuckles from the very start of a story. The actual number of save slots also increases from the initial 6 to 8 in total. And that’s not all: this procedure also makes possible for either Sonic or Knuckles to become “hyper” – if a player completes the first half of the game with all the Chaos Emeralds, he’s then given a chance to decide whether he wants further challenge of a 2nd set of special stages. One can choose not to proceed and remain with a “super” variation of a character, except Tails, who only obtains a “super” status once both sets of sp.stages are completed. How can one make a chosen character stay at his “super” form – you might ask. And I’ll reply: quite simply in fact – just avoid those huge rings leading into the special stages when you come to the second part of the game.
    S&K cartridge was also capable of combining with the 1st and 2nd games of the series. So if one unites his copies with original title, he’s then given a chance to beat a unique sequence of sp.stages (based upon those seen in S3&K) that even contains a save feature (!) in a form of a password though. When combined with Sonic 2, Knuckles becomes available in said game as a totally playable character, with all of his special abilities like gliding through a level and climbing up the walls.
    That concludes my story, I guess. And then the game begins!

  2. strangermo0n says:

    yea game was huge to fit single cartrige but in ali ex site you can get this game in single cartrige and work on genesis. the best verson of game is that 24 level in one cartrige even have own box and new cover . pc port music quality kinda diffrent not same. too shame sega not rleased sonic 1 and 2 pc and konami game rocket knight and rocket knight 2 sparster.

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