The Adventures of Lomax

The Adventures of Lomax is a platformer from start to finish, similar to Crash, Gex or Earthworm Jim. It’s defining feature is that it’s based on the Lemmings universe. You control Lomax, who is a smarter-than-your-average Lemming, and have to run, jump, dig, build and throw enemies through twenty odd levels.

2Visually, the game is very beautiful, reminding one of the Albion or Rayman series. The levels themselves look wonderful and are also complex. You have to use the right combination of Lemming abilities to get through each obstacle, and the game isn’t very forgiving should you make any mistakes. The basic idea is that you need to find certain special power-ups that will grant you various abilities that will let you pass each level. You may have to build your way at one point, or dig through some ground in another. Along the way you’ll face many enemies, and you have use Lomax’s spin and throwing attacks.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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