Disney’s Hercules

Based on the animated Disney movie, Hercules the sidecroller lets you run, jump, punch and kick your way through level after level full of mythological bad guys. The namesake hero of the title also sports a few tricks up his toga tassels in the form of power punches and rock lifting abilities. A new feature allows limited movement between the foreground and background, though its a bit of a headache when large parts of the screen gets obscured.

snap1243In any case, the game is a classic sidescrolling adventure that retains the artistic style, not to mention voice talent, of the movie it’s based upon. The background graphics all adhere to a Greek architectural motif. Pillars, huge boulders, cliffs that stretch far into the sky, and chiseled statues comprise most of the obstacles in the game. Clever level design techniques (for example, sandbag dummies revolving around a wooden spindle) add a sense of visual depth other side-scrollers lack. There’s always something new to challenge you and test your reflexes.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95

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