Halcyon Sun

Halcyon Sun is a space combat game with a heavy set narrative of a science fiction TV series. The game tells the story of Dru Avery, a squadron commander that leads a group of fighter in the last days of a space war set between a coalition of the Eridani race and the Carolan Commonwealth (the latter of which Avery is a member), and the Nolledah Revolutionary Republic. The story also contains more drama-like elements such as complex relationships. For instance, Avery’s girlfriend is the Eridani liaison officer on the Carolan base ship and this leads to trouble as the relationship between the two factions in the coalition deteriorates due to rivalry. The story is furthered through lengthy, rendered cut-scenes including cliffhangers and credit sequences that can take up up to twenty minutes for a portion.

24A single episode generally takes up 45 minutes of time. During the gameplay potions, players guide Avery and his squadron through space combat. The gameplay is arcade-like, with just a few buttons to fire, switch between guns and missiles, and release decoys or use an afterburner. Most missions require the player to destroy a specific target, attack a base, or escort another craft. There are 24 combat missions in total and three hours of narrative scenes. If a mission is failed repeatedly, players are given the option to skip it.

The original game structure of the episodic series was left unaltered for this compilation package. That way, every three missions players need to watch the list of credits and then relaunch the game to continue playing.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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