Star Trek: Klingon

The horrors of FMV never fails to deliver as far as cringe-inducing awfulness. “The ultimate interactive adventure” it’s called, but jaded gamers who have played this brand of crap probably know what to expect – Star Trek Klingon has less in common with A Final Unity or Harbinger than it does with Star Trek: Borg, and that’s no compliment.

It does have one notable feature. The Language Lab is, as bizarre as this may sound, more of an educational tool than anything else. A Klingon-ish user interface lets you explore a variety of aspects of the Klingon language, and drills let you test your knowledge with English to Klingon text translation, audio translation, etc. The biggest draw to the Language Lab is its voice recognition capabilities, which only works correctly a small amount of time.

8_1The Immersion Studies segment purports to put you in a holodeck training scenario wherein you take on the role of Pok, a young Klingon out to investigate his father’s death. You can pause the video to click on many of the Klingon items to get an excruciatingly detailed description. The game part is the weakest portion of the package: as the video plays out you are given chances to choose a response appropriate to the situation (although it’s rarely obvious what the choices are). Choose the wrong option and you get sent back to try again.

A major flaw here is that you can’t skip the video you’ve already seen, which means you may have to watch a sequence over and over until you click (or don’t click) on the appropriate person or thing. The Language Lab aside, there’s nothing here as far as adventure gaming to make Klingon anything close to a fun game. Throw it on top of the FMV heap and don’t bother looking back.

System Requirements: Pentium III 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Win95

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