Hades 2

7_1Although released in the late 1990s, Hades 2 feels and plays like a Doom-era shooter. It’s the year 2356 and some aliens invade some grey planet somewhere for some nefarious reason. Multiple weapons, health pickups and scattered enemies populate each level, which play out more or less as you would expect. Levels have a good mix of outdoor and indoor areas and the ocasional simple obstacle to overcome, such as a locked door. As far as visual quality, the game is somewhere between Duke 3D and Redneck Rampage.

The action does have some grit to it. When you’re hit, not only does the screen flash red but your aim gets knocked off, and many objects within the game can be destroyed outright or shattered in spectacular fashion. But there’s one major buzzkill to the action and that’s the control scheme. It uses the arrow keys to turn but you can’t strafe unless you hold down ALT, making movement extremely difficult. For some odd reason you can’t change the default controls.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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