F22 Air Dominance Fighter: Red Sea Operations

F-22: Air Dominance Fighter was received with great anticipation, but without a dynamic campaign, it was really only half a sequel. F-22: Red Sea Operations is an expansion pack for F-22 (original game required) that provides four new campaigns in familiar settings. Unlike some expansions, it does not provide new units, terrain, flyable aircraft, or any of the value-added features that players tend to expect in expansions-it’s strictly a new mission set.

What the expansion lacks in features, it makes up for in the campaigns themselves. Campaigns include Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi-Yemen, and an AWACS-only tour. The missions are designed with an eye towards providing as much variety as possible. The storyline threading the missions together may be a little thin and the action starts out fairly slowly, but it all builds up to a satisfying crescendo in each mission.

The overall mission design quality exploits the strengths of the F-22 as a fighter and a game. Units that didn’t get their fair share of air time make good return appearances. Plenty of incidental traffic is around to give the feeling of a living world, and lots of little surprises keep pilots on their toes.

Some of these missions suffer the dreaded “puzzle†syndrome, where players have to struggle to figure out how to get their firepower to certain points by a certain time, usually learning the combination the hard way. Fortunately, the missions do not have to be played in a linear order, so a particularly aggravating mission can simply be skipped for a later time.

System Requirements: Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 70 MB HDD, SVGA, Windows 95

Original F-22 CD (Required):
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Red Sea Operations:
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