Enemy Engaged 2

The original Enemy Engaged was a very good sim for its time, but the sequel (which came out a full 7 years after the first game) doesn’t live up to the legacy of its predecessor. In fact, it’s pretty hard to even call it a sequel, since it’s basically a revamp of the first game with some new graphical effects added in (including real-time shadows), though the final visual package seems oddly plagued by low resolution textures all over the place.

12Enemy Engaged 2 promises a completely open-ended non-linear campaign structure that provides the ability to pick and choose which mission will be flown next (be it an escort mission, patrol, or surgical strike), and then be thrust right into a real-time theatre of conflict. Every unit destroyed or objective completed affects the campaign map in a number of ways, and since the option exists to play for either the Russians (Hokum) or the Americans (Commanche), there’s a lot of different ways to tackle this dynamic campaign environment.

The AI still behaves erratically when performing battle maneuvers, however, and this behavior will inflict a huge dent in EE2’s entertainment value. They seem to have a single-minded focus on targets without considering any sort of caution. Ground vehicles also still maneuver liked packed “clumps†of units that effectively stick to the road and maneuver around in a rigid, unrealistic manner. One final example is that the fixed-wing AI fighter jets that fly and maneuver at impossible altitudes.

A new voice recognition software is the star of this package, but it’s implementation is limited. You can issue quick radio commands to send to your wingment and support units, but you can’t control any of your essential chopper assets in this manner. And while the campaigns are somewhat interesting, you’ll instantly feel a sense of deja vu since two of them are identical to those seen in the original. The only real new campaign is set in Korea.

Sim fans who haven’t played the original will find Enemy Engaged 2 to be a pretty fine addition to their collection, while those who have had extensive contact with the original will be left wondering what the point was.

System Requirements: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Video, Win95

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