Snap45Duking out some shovelware.

Back when people had either poor internet or no internet at all, the idea of downloading a bunch of free levels and mods, cramming them all into one package and selling it as a retail CD made some sense. You were essentially buying content that was free, but at least you wouldn’t have to spend days or weeks downloading it all. As a bonus, it wouldn’t even take up storage space on your hard drive, since any of the 500 levels of DukeZone can be copied individually.

And that’s what DukeZone is – a package of 500 free online levels. Most of these levels would have probably been buried by time, but here you have them all. The only issue is that there was no quality control with DukeZone. You get a lot of good levels mixed in with crap levels and a few even unplayable levels. Singleplayer levels are mixed in with Deathmatch levels as well – it’s just a completely chaotic mess.

This add-on doesn’t modify the original game in any way. Therefore, all of the graphics and sounds you are familiar with from Duke Nukem 3D are intact. Some levels do add new sounds or graphics but, they are only apparent in the individual levels themselves. It should be noted that most all of these levels were created by individuals who are not associated with WizardWorks or 3D Realms. A lot of these levels can be found on the net for free. But, good luck finding them all.

You can play DukeZone levels by downloading the original eDuke source port, starting the game, and selecting User Level from the episode selection screen. From there you just have to find the custom level you want to play.

System Requirements: 80486 66 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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