Duke Caribbean: Life’s A Beach

Beaches, babes and bombs.

On the surface, Life’s a Beach just looks derivative – Duke takes a well earned vacation after kicking alien butt in Duke Nukem 3D only to find his island paradise overrun by more extraterrestrials. Oddly enough, it grabs its B-movie premise by the reigns and maintains control throughout its 8 levels with its beach-themed sense of humor and painstaking attention to detail.

4_1There’s a surprising amount of funny new lines from Duke himself – you hear his bad rendition of “Surfin’ Safari” to complement numerous wisecracks. A couple of new enemies complement some redrawn old ones, and new environments ranging from waterfront hotels to ancient temples straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The new weapons and items behave identically to their original counterparts, although their new look and sounds are humorously appropriate – ever tried to kill someone with a SuperSoaker water gun or a Coconut Launcher?

Like its inferior cousin Duke Nuclear Winter, Duke Caribbean snubs co-op capability but on the up side offers four quality Dukematch levels to Winter’s paltry one. And unlike Winter, the sprawling levels here stand up to those of the original Duke with intelligent puzzles and fun level design.. Whether or not you can stomach more Duke Nukem 3D is a good question, but Duke Caribbean is a fun and quirky little game despite its dated look and feel.

System Requirements: Intel 486 DX2 66 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, 30 MB HDD, MS-DOS / Windows 95

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