Dino Crisis 2

42193-dino-crisis-2-windows-screenshot-using-heavy-machine-gun-toClassic Resident Evil minus the zombies or suspense.

Largely dropping the survival horror approach from the first game, Dino Crisis 2 is all about unloading that machinegun clip into a Valociraptor’s scaly noggin. The story involves several military groups with odd acronyms being sent in to contain an “accident” at a government-run energy lab.You control typical Japanese would-be heroes Dylan and Regina as they shoot across a remote prehistoric jungle swarming with dinos refusing to go extinct.

The non-interactive pre-rendered backgrounds look as grainy and unfocused as they did in Resident Evil 2 and its sequel. The original 3D engine powering the first Dino Crisis was scrapped in order to bring the jungle visuals working at acceptable framerates on the PlayStation, a welcoming departure from the repetitive cubist offices and research facilities of before. But the visuals presented by the aging Resident Evil 2 engine under the hood look three or four years behind the times, especially for a PC game.

The AI at least has seen incremental advances. Raptors not only gang up on you but they also attack from all sides. Allosaurs will duck and dodge to protect their vulnerable flanks. Pteradons attack in packs like a flock of vicious vultures. The action, while repetitive, is actually fun in a stupid kind of way once you care to overlook the graphics.


Dino Crisis 2 drops 3D for pre-rendered art.

And you won’t get bogged down by convoluted key hunts either. Often you would have to run all over the place in Dino Crisis, not just looking for keys but components of keys. Dino Crisis 2 has dispensed with much of this nonsense. You’re still looking for keys, just not nearly as many and they’re significantly more easier to locate.

For a bargain bin game this isn’t completely terrible, but boy is it tirelessly conventional and shockingly dated. Perhaps more at home in ’96 than 2003, Dino Crisis 2 is nonetheless a passable distraction for those who have to play every Capcom shooter there is out there.

System Requirements: Pentium MMX 133 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, Win95

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