Smart Games Puzzle Challenge Vol 3

Snap25Smart Games Puzzle Challenge 3 will test your brain power. Cognitive/Intellectual assessment instruments measure an individual’s level of intelligence and other cognitive characteristics, such as your ability to handle complex cognitive information and the ability to tolerate ambiguity. The puzzles in Smart Games Puzzle Challenge 3 emulate these instruments (most commonly used in IQ tests), add additional challenges and mainstream activities and manage to be dressed to kill as well.

The game offers 20 puzzle types with over 1400 individual puzzles. There’s something for everyone, in fact, from non-language-specific logic puzzles to trivia. The puzzles have increasing levels of difficulty, and you may progress through all of the levels or skip as many as you like. Gameplay is highly addictive and the dressing adequete (unlike in previous versions), so you will probably find yourself plodding along into the night.

System Requirements: 486/66 CPU, 4 MB RAM, Windows 95

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