Blood 2: The Chosen – Walkthrough

Let the juices flow! There are few ways to get stuck in Blood 2, but when it happens, boy is it annoying! This walkthrough isn’t supposed to be a step by step guide through every inch of every level. Instead, it points out the most important items as well as solutions to the most annoying puzzles.


1. Levels 1 to 10
2. Levels 11 to 20
3. Levels 21 to 32

Levels 1 to 10

Level 1 Cabalco Transit System — This one’s pretty darned simple. If you’re honestly having trouble, I highly recommend that you uninstall Blood 2 from your computer and try something easier, like Tetris.

Level 2 Pickman St. Station — It’s amazing what people will do to get bloodstains out of a nice outfit. In the laundromat, you’ll discover a body in one of the washing machines. Destroy the machine, and you’ll be the recipient of a Life Seed. More goodies can be found in the dumpster outside the front door. (Two remote bombs have been tossed out, possibly by a wandering pacifist.)

CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-09-16-37Level 3 Lafayette Museum of Antiquities — The “lasers” around the NecroWard armor display case are just for show. They can’t hurt you, so just grab it. In addition, the highest well-wrapped cadaver in the mummy display will yield a nice Willpower powerup. In the warehouse area, hop up on the crane’s track to score a handful of proximity bombs. Just beyond the warehouse, blow up a fire extinguisher near the shotgun — this opens a passage to an otherwise-inaccessible area where you can obtain The Eye.

Level 4 Condemned Tenement — In the first room on your right, there’s a window which leads to a ledge. Jump through the window and follow the ledge, then jump to the ladder. This brings you into a room with a free Life Seed. (Mmmmmm… free Life Seed…)

Level 5 Steam Tunnels — Bet you never thought it would be this tough just to turn off some steam? Enter the first room and flip the lever. Then go down two levels and up the ramps to the storage area. Jump to the hole in the wall, and go through to the Valve Access area. Proceed down to the valves themselves and shut off all three. Then flip the lever on your way out of the valve area and head across the bridge. On the other side, go downstairs and shut off those three valves.

Level 6 Center for Disease Management — A Life Seed lurks in the acid vat room. To raise the platforms and obtain it, you’ll need to go to the lab (up the ladder, out the door, and to the left) and activate the wall computer. Then run back to the vat room and shoot the floating body out of the way of the platforms. In addition, a NecroWard can be liberated from the elevator shaft in the security room. Finally, a Tesla cannon is yours for the taking – just check the cabinet in the closet where you find the key.

Level 7 Movin’ On Up — You never liked vending machines anyway, right? Blow up the vendors near the elevator, and you’ll find a NecroWard and a Life Seed. Do this before the boss encounter.

Level 8 CAS Revenant — Yet another Life Seed is hiding in the lower part of the airship. In the first secured area, climb down from the catwalk and smash that wooden crate. Another crate in the second secured area will yield a NecroWard.

Level 9 CAS Revenant Interior — In one of the rooms which open from the hall next to the bridge is an Anger (triple the damage, triple the fun!). Finally, your parachute is at the rear of the lower bomb bay — a fact which you should consider immediately after pushing the self-destruct button.

Level 10 Hard Hat Area — Finally, you’ll be able to get into that room you were looking at earlier. Go through the opening in the wall, down one level, and over to the other open area. Hey, wouldja lookit that – mucho ammo! Also, at the top of the fire escape, just before the museum front, is a Life Seed.

CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-12-04-25Level 11 The Cathedral — The balding bolt-throwers aren’t so bad — just give them a whack with the sniper rifle when they get ready to shoot. The ones outdoors will usually teleport into midair, and fall to their deaths. Make sure to go across and collect all the available swag (ammo and an Anger) before you fight the Big Baddie. You won’t get the chance once you’re done. His entrance is only triggered when you kill the lesser monsters in the room, so you have time. Also, a NecroWard can be found under the platform which leads you into the room.

If you stay towards the back of one of the ledges when fighting the baddie himself, he won’t even see you. So killing him is trivial (particularly with the Anger). Still, this will be your first major boss fight, so be careful.

Levels 12 to 20

Level 11 Cabalco Transit System 2 — Nothing here worth mentioning. Just run and gun through the metro. (Again)
CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-19-57-06Level 12 Cabal Safehouse — The Howitzer’s back in the construction area of the Coral Essex (yes, we’ve all seen Revenge of the Nerds 2). Explore the rooms here – aside from soldiers, one of them also holds a Life Seed. By the way, when you damage a soldier enough that he falls down and screams, he’ll often get back up and charge you as a living bomb. If you wait until he’s armed, and shoot him from a bit of range, he’ll blow up. Preferably near his friends. Don’t bother fighting on the roof, since you’re just going back the way you came.

Downstairs in the sub-basement, if you check under the stairs at the back, you’ll find a very welcome NecroWard. Finally, in the corrosive pit, there’s another of the ubiquitous Life Seeds.

Level 13 Sewage Treatment Plant — Nothing really interesting here except more Amazing Bomb Soldiers. (Joy!)

Level 14 Cabalco Meat Packing Plant — Don’t suppose you’d like another Life Seed? Once you reach the shipping containers, climb up to the pipe, then go back the way you came (only higher). Run across the last roof to claim your prize. Once in the plant, there are two ways to get into the loading dock. You could go through the oven (if, of course, you were a masochist) or just go down the hall to the sign which says Shipping. The door on the right leads to a room with a really big mixer. Dive on in, and use the tunnel near the bottom.

Level 15 Horlock’s Station — Another low-goodies level.

Level 16 Love Canal — Bet you’re glad now that you did get that Life Seed back on 14!

Level 17 Cabalco Transit System 3 — Use the ladder on the front of the second car to get to the roof. Not only is there a NecroWard awaiting you, but this is also the best way to get to the other train. Just run to it.

Level 18 Horlock’s Station 2 — Yep, another stingy level.
CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-40-37-74Level 19 The Underground — When you get to the large, open chamber with all the pillars, don’t just rush in like a lemming. The beastie you’ll have to fight is lurking at the back, on the left. As it happens, you can destroy all the pillars in the room except the middle and rear middle, so just stand outside the room and take out any which might stand between you and your target. Once you have a clear line-of-sight, start shooting him. As long as you don’t go into the room, he won’t activate, and you’ll be perfectly safe. The instant he’s dead, run in and grab all the goodies before the end-chapter movie starts.

Level 20 Frank Cotton Memorial Bridge — After lowering the drawbridge, the best way to deal with the big ogre-y monster is to run away and let him follow you (if he stops, give him a little “love tap” with your current weapon to regain his interest). Get him to follow you around a corner with a lamp-post — make sure you’re far enough over that he’ll try to walk between them. Since he’s too big, he’ll just stick there and you can pour lead into him until he drops. This might take a while — you may want to grab the Anger in the crate near his spawn point before leading him to his doom, and save yourself some ammo. Or, of course, you can just ignore him and go into the warehouse at the end of the alley.

Levels 21 to 32

Level 21 Security Check Point — Once you’ve entered the secure area, the door next to the elevator leads to an office. Here lurks a gunman with a Life Seed. Of course, he’s one of the more powerful baddies, but you can just kill him by destroying the oddly-explosive desk. Oh, and don’t forget to stop off at the gun range for your very own Vulcan Cannon!

CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-53-14-89Level 22 Temple of Poon — The water may be unholy, but it’s still chock-full of goodies. You’ll find a NecroWard and a Life Seed in there. Oh, and if you run and jump at exactly the right moment, you can actually cross the rickety wood bridge without falling with it.

Level 23 Cabalco Enterprises — More vending machine destruction! The vendors, upstairs on the right, hide a NecroWard. After gaining the Executive Access and entering the secured area, check under the stairs for the Life Seed.

Level 24 Power Station — Nothing worth mentioning here.

Level 25 Cabalco Enterprises 2 — Another Life Seed waits under the stairs. Whew!

Level 26 Research and Development — Want that security key? Can’t get through that force field? Find the window which looks down a corridor. Look up, and you’ll see a hole in the ceiling with a ladder. This will allow you access into a crawlspace, which in turn leads into the desired room.

Level 27 Cabalco Enterprises 3 — Play time! Drop a Singularity between the two big beasties in the lobby. They’ll get too close to each other, and start duking it out until only one (weak) one is left. Of course, the NecroWard and Life Seed are now in plain sight on top of the staircase. There’s also an Anger in the room with four elevators — as you walk in the door, it’s in the plants on the far right.

Level 28 Cabal CO Offices — Bet you’re looking for another key, right? It’s under a desk. Go all the way back, through the door, and look in the room in the back right corner. If you’d like a few goodies, you can drop out of a window on the walkway and pick up a Life Seed and a NecroWard. Or check the safe behind the picture in the Executive’s office for a second Life Seed.

Level 29 Cabal CO Rooftops — There’s plenty of stuff to grab on the rooftop areas while you’re fighting Gideon. Note the window washer’s lift as the hiding place of a Life Seed. And don’t forget to pick up the Anger — you’ll make short work of him with that. Dodging around the Cabalco sign’s pillars seems to work nicely for defense. Keep moving, though — he’ll try to teleport behind you whenever possible.

CLIENT_2018-02-12_18-57-20-55Level 30 Beyond the Rift — Why waste ammo when someone else is willing to fight for you? Nobody will notice you until you leave the entrance area, so don’t. Let the soldiers attack the beast until they both die. It’ll be pretty weak by then, and easy for you to kill off. Gideon’s not particularly tough, either — just keep circling him. Of course, if you’d like to win easy, just get one of those back pillars between you and him — he’ll get stuck trying to get to you, so as long as you don’t walk back into his line of sight, he can’t hit you. In the room with the coffins, use the broken ones to jump onto the roof. From there, follow the ledges and go across the steel cable.

Mmmmmm… extra Howitzer shells, free fuel, and a medkit. There’s also a Willpower stashed in an alcove, in the alley overlooking the bloody canal. Finally, the jump from the lever area (in the chamber across the bridge) to the platform with the Life Seed and NecroWard is in fact possible, but only just.

Level 31 Battle of the Chosen — As the old real-estate credo says, “location, location, location!” With proper placement, you can finish all three of your former friends with a single shot. Simply grab the Anger and switch to your Singularity Gun. Then fire so that your singularity appears offset from the first opponent, doing constant damage as it pulls him in. As soon as he’s dead, the next will warp in and be sucked to her doom, and the gravitational pull should still be in effect for the last ex-comrade. Sound easy? Not nearly as simple as the next fight…

Level 32 The Ancient One — See that rock in the bloody pool? The one with the Anger on it? Notice that your enemy never moves? Just stand a short distance behind the rock, and you’re completely shielded. You can even grab the Anger from this side by hopping up onto the rock, then backing off again to your safe spot. Blow him away, and you’ll be one happy undead dude. And finished with the game, to boot. Congrats!