Fallout – Walkthrough

Fallout ends in 150 days if the Water Chip is not delivered to Vault 13, otherwise it doesn’t end until after both the Master and the Mutant Military Base are annihilated, or in 500 days – whichever comes first. Interplay’s patch corrects minor bugs and disables the 500-day time limit. As long as the player leaves either the Master or the Military Base standing the game does not end. However, this strategy guide assumes the player has not installed the patch and only has 500 days to finish the game. We do not detail every quest, just those necessary to win the game.

Quests can be solved in a variety of different ways including violently or diplomatically. We assume players want to kick ass and not talk. We also assume that players are for Truth, Justice, and The American Way. There are several other ways to play the game, but not in this walkthrough.


1. Nuts and Bolts
2. Vault 13
3. Sandy Sands
4. Raiders
5. Junktown
6. Vault 15
7. The Hub
8. Necropolis
9. The Glow
10. Brotherhood of Steel
11. Boneyard
12. Cathedral
13. Military Base

A Completed Map of Fallout


Nuts and Bolts

When creating a character, the optimal configuration is six Strength, nine Perception, five Endurance, four Charisma, seven Intelligence, eight Agility and eight Luck. Tag Small Guns, Energy Guns, and Barter and select Finesse and Gifted for the player character’s (PC’s) traits. As PCs gain levels they also gain Perks. Select Awareness, More Criticals, Bonus Move, Action Boy, and Bonus Rate of Fire as they become available.

Players should try to fight from cover as much as possible and with ranged weapons. They can hide around corners, pop out to fire a shot and then hide again. They can also shoot and run. They should have a backup weapon or two in case they lose a weapon or run out of ammo. Pick up a sniper rifle from Jake in Old Town in The Hub and target shots after that (right click on the active weapon until a bullseye appears). Aim at the eyes.

We assume players will not pick up any companions. It isn’t recommended. They are more handicap than help. They either get in the way, accidentally shoot the wrong target, or get themselves killed. Here’s a list of available companions, however.

Tandi is the daughter of Aradesh in Shady Sands. After she is kidnapped, she can be rescued from the Raiders. If the PC (player character) doesn’t take her back to Shady Sands, she won’t leave. Ian can be found in Shady Sands and will join the PC for a hundred caps or a piece of the action. Tycho is in Junktown (in the Skum Pitt northeast of Gizmo’s). The PC has to meet him in the evenings and talk to him twice before he’ll join the party. Dogmeat is also found in north Junktown. The dog can be bribed into joining with an Iguana-on-a-stick. Katja is in the Followers’ building in the Boneyard.

Vault 13

The player begins the game just outside the Vault 13 entrance. Arm him or her with the pistol and knife. Select the knife (push the red button beside the active weapon) to be the active weapon. Access the Preferences screen and change the travel option to Always Fast (it will have to be turned to Normal when you want the character to Sneak, but speeds up the game considerably). Among the skeleton remains nearby is another knife and some 10mm armor piercing ammunition. Take it.

Head to the bottom of the screen (we’ll call it south), killing rats with the knife along the way (saving ammunition for when you really need it). If you are wounded use the First Aid skills on the PC to restore points. Save your Stimpaks. Turn west and continue to the tunnel. Step on the red colored area to bring up the travel map. Do not press either of the two shortcut buttons for Vaults 13 or Vault 15, but click directly on the map to travel east. At the first stop, enter the area and press the Pip Boy 2000 button and then the bell at the top of its screen. Choose the “Rest until healed,” option if the PC is still wounded and then save the game. Continue traveling east to Shady Sands

Encounters along the way are random and range from none to tough. Your PC should be able to handle most of them if s/he runs out of any encirclement and picks off the enemies that follow one shot at a time. If the battle is too dangerous, run to a red colored area to escape.

Sandy Sands

Remove the PC’s active weapon and talk to Katrina and Seth, the two guards at the gate (a habit you should develop whenever entering a new city). Trade a knife for Seth’s rope when you barter with him. Be sure to get some of his bottle caps, too. If you’d rather steal Seth’s rope and caps, save the game first. There’s a good chance of getting caught.

Talk to Ian in the guardhouse and then Aradesh and Razlo in the south part of West Shady. If it’s late, Razlo won’t say much. Rest until morning and talk to him then. The bookshelf in an empty hut has a Scouting Manual. Take it and use it to increase your Survival skills. Every book your PC reads increases a related skill.

Once you talk to Aradesh, have Seth take you to the Rad Scorpion caves. Use the run and shoot technique to kill them. Return to Shady Sands and talk to Razlo about the tails you’ve taken and he’ll exchange a 50-cap bottle of poison antidote for each 10-cap tail he takes. When all the Scorpions are dead, your PC will get a nice experience boost. If the PC has to sleep for two days or more in the Rad Scorpion cave afterwards to heal, Raiders will kidnap Aradesh’s daughter, Tandi.


Kill them off one at a time, starting with the raiders in the tents next to the house. Take and wear the found suit of leather armor. Take all the Stimpaks, bottle caps and ammo you find. Equip your first two 45s. Search the refrigerator and a footlocker for a Shotgun, Shells, and a Lockpick. Tandi is behind a locked door in the back room. Grab as many guns and suits of armor as you can carry and take her home.


Your PC should have learned by now the location of Junktown. Go there (it’s a ways south of the Raider camp). Killian is the mayor of Junk town. He owns the General Store in the middle of town. Go north and step on the green area to get to the middle of Junktown. Talk to Killian, selling him your excess inventory. An assassin will enter and shoot Killian. Activate your PC’s pistol and help kill the assassin. Search the assassin’s body and grab his rifle. To get out of Combat Mode leave the store and step on a green area again. Come back and talk to Killian to get the quest to get evidence on Gizmo.

Gizmo is in his office in the Casino to the north (step on another green area). Talk to Gizmo about assassinating Killian and then go back to Killian and tell him you have the evidence. He will automatically hear the recording you made. Find Lars near the entrance to Junktown and kill Gizmo (use the rifle).

Vault 15

Before going to Vault-15, if you still have excess inventory, take a fast trip to the Hub. Go downtown (one green area south) to sell it to Mitch at the All-in-One General Store (buy one more rope while you’re there). Then leave the Hub and select the Vault-15 button. Enter the shack, climb down the manhole, and search all the lockers on the three floors. Use rope to climb down the elevator shafts. Stop by the Raider Camp on the way back to the Hub. Pick up as much loot as you can carry.

The Hub

You should be level four by now and spending your tag skill points on Small Guns, Barter and Energy Weapons. Be sure to give some points to Lockpick and Sneak as well. Downtown in the Hub, talk to Butch of the Far Go Traders and take the job he offers (giving you a discount at Beth’s Gun Shop). Buy a few repair books from Mrs. Stapleton in the bookstore behind the General Store.

Old Town (one green area east of downtown) is the best place to purchase weapons and drugs in the Hub. Buy a Sniper rifle from Jake the arms-dealer. Keep your hunting rifle as a backup. Sell all your other weapons and ammo. If you can get Combat Armor, do so. If not, pick it up later.

From Downtown go south and step on another green area to talk to the Water Merchants. They suspect, rightly, that there is a Water Chip in Necropolis. Just north of the Water Merchants is a Children of the Cathedral building? Keep asking questions of the child at the door to drive him away. Insult Jain to provoke a fight. Kill everyone who attacks you and search the locked rooms. Take the purple robe.

Sell your excess inventory to Jake (hang onto your radio, rope, Stimpaks, Geiger Counter, Rad-X and RadAway). In Old Town, investigate the house on the corner next to the green area. Use your Sniper rifle and target your shots. Hide behind the policemen. If they get shot, they’ll join in the fight on your side. After the battle, unlock the back door and talk to the hostage. This will get you a suit of Power Armor when you join the Brotherhood later.


From the hotel enter the first manhole you see. Explore the sewers but always head north and step on a green area to go farther north. You will run into a pocket of ghouls, the leader of which will yell, “Don’t shoot!”

Talk to the leader and agree to help the ghouls repair their water pump. When you’ve gone north as far as possible but can see inaccessible areas, climb up a ladder, find another manhole, and climb down. Search the sewers for Junk guarded by Mole Rats. When you have it, climb out of the sewers and go north to the watershed. Targeting their eyes with the Sniper Rifle will easily kill the super mutants. In the northeast corner of the building is the broken pump. Use the Junk you found on it to repair it. In the southeast corner are three cells. One contains a ladder to the Vault entrance. Sneak or run past the Glowing Ghouls and use the elevator to go to the command center on the third level. There is only one functioning computer there and it has the Water Chip.

Return the Water Chip to the Overseer of Vault-13 on the third floor. He’ll send you to the Library where you will automatically file a report. Talk to the Overseer again to get additional quests. Leave the Vault and go to the Brotherhood of Steel. Tell Cabbot that you’d like to join. He’ll send you on a quest to The Glow.

The Glow

Stop off at The Hub on the way to The Glow. Get Kane at the Maltese Falcon to take you downstairs to talk to Decker. Agree to assassinate the Hightowers and then report the intended crime to the police. Join them to arrest Decker (you’ll have to kill Decker and his guards to finish the quest). Get your cash reward from the police then pick up the sales goods in the basement of the Maltese Falcon and go shopping.

Buy Science and Repair books to boost your Repair and Science skills into the 80s. Make sure you have a Geiger Counter, rope, two Rad-X pills, and six packets of RadAway. If you need more drugs talk to Jake about the Geiger Counter and radiation. He’ll recommend that you visit Vance, the drug-dealer at the end of the block.

Use 2 Rad-Xs to become radiation resistant before entering the Glow map. The entrance to the Glow is through the large crater. Use a rope on the large metal beam to climb down. Use a Geiger Counter to monitor your radiation count. Use RadAway to remove any radiation. Do not waste any time in The Glow. The longer you stay, the more radiation you will absorb. Do not rest, read books, or use First Aid.

The Brotherhood of Steel has sent you to retrieve a recording from the dead body of a power armor soldier on the first level and that is all you really need to do. However, there’s an arsenal of weapons on the fifth floor, including a Plasma Rifle. To get it you’ll need pass cards for the yellow, red and blue elevators. Search all the bodies and lockers on the different floors. Use your Science skill on the super computer on level four to deactivate the robots. Repair the generator on level six to enable the blue elevators that take you to the arsenal. Take all the explosives you find, the Plasma Rifle and Pistol, a Laser Rifle, all recordings, and anything else you can carry.

Brotherhood of Steel

Return to the Hub to sell excess inventory. Play any recordings you found (they will automatically download to your Pip Boy) but don’t sell any, yet. Go to the Brotherhood and deliver your quest object. Go to the second floor and talk to Talus. He’ll authorize Power Armor for you. Talk to the head of the Brotherhood on the second floor.


Now you can go back to the Hub, sell your recordings and finish up the quest Butch sent you on. Talk to Beth at the Gun Shop in The Hub about Deathclaws, Old Harold, and Slappy. They live in the southwest corner of The Hub. Once you talk to Harold, Slappy will lead you to the Deathclaw cave. Attack the Deathclaw from a distance and target his eyes. Talk to the dying mutant in the south of the cave to get the proof Butch wants.

Go to the green circle below the Boneyard, first, to check out the Cathedral. This is the home of the Master, but you’ll need some help to wipe him and his mutant lab out. Go to the Boneyard and pay a visit to The Followers. They’re west of the Blades. The Blades are north of Adytum. Talk to the leader of the Followers, Nichole, to get the password to give to their spy in The Cathedral, Laura.

Talk to the Blades about their plan to take out the Regulators ruling Adytum. The Blades need weapons and armor from the Gunrunners (to the northeast). You can get Gabriel, the head of the Gunrunners, to give equipment to the Blades if you clear out all of the Deathclaws in the area. Climb down a ladder in the building across the river to find their nest. You must kill all of the Deathclaws, including the mother Deathclaw, and destroy all of their eggs. Talk to Gabriel once you’ve finished.

After you have freed Adytum from the grip of the Regulators, Miles will upgrade your Power Armor and Smitty will turbo enhance your Plasma Rifle. You will need the Junk from the dead body in the deathclaw area for the armor. Once you have the junk, talk to Miles and then Smitty. Miles will send you to the Hub bookstore.


Talk to Laura in her cell near the entrance to the Cathedral. Use the password (Red Rider) and she’ll unlock the back door leading to the stairway up. The man who appears to be the Master on the third floor (Morpheus) has the black badge which is the key to the locked door leading to the stairway in back of the altar. The Nightkin guards will let you be if you wear the purple robe. Morpheus can be talked into taking you directly to the Master, but it’s more fun to not wear the robe, kill everyone, and loot the Cathedral.

Below the Cathedral is a basement that conceals a secret door. Unlock it and follow the path to Vault-12. Ride the elevator to the third floor. A doorway to a long hallway is in the southeast corner. The hallway leads to the real Master—and is he ugly! Fighting your way there is a challenge. You can do so by baiting the guards on the third floor to follow you to the elevator. From there you can pick them off and quickly escape if the action is too heavy for you. Check out the locker room for EMP grenades. They are effective robot killers (and the Master is half robot). Once you’ve killed the Master (probably with targeted shots to the eyes), don the purple robe, and make your escape from the Cathedral. You have only a limited amount of time before a bomb destroys it.

Military Base

Congratulations, now you only have to destroy the Mutant Military Base to end the game. If you used your Science skills on the computers in the Cathedral you’ll know exactly where the Military Base is (it will appear on your shortcut list).

However, first stop off at the Hub and shop for a hand-held radio and then return to the fourth floor of the Brotherhood to talk to the boss. Talk him into letting you scout out the Military Base, then do so. Go there, look at the guards, and come back to talk to the Boss again. Talk him into invading the base with a small force. You’ll have to convince the Council, but then you can go to the Military Base and meet three of your Brothers. They’ll help you get in, not that you need any help.

The Super Mutant guarding the security door of the building has the door code. You can walk through (taking some damage) the red force fields. The force field computer on the first level can be remotely toggled with your radio. In addition, you can use your Repair skill to temporarily turn off a force field emitter. Explosives can also do the job.

Ride the elevators. Your objective is the second Vat level where the Purple Robes self-destruct themselves rather than talk to you. One of them has an Access Card you can use on the computer to look at the Security Codes and then set the auto-destruct sequence to three minutes with a silent alarm.

One of the bugs that is taken care of by the patch comes about by destroying the Master before the Military Base. Save the game after you’ve left the building, but before you’ve stepped on a red area to leave the base. You’ll see the base explode and hear the voice of the Overseer. Press [1] to listen to the next comment. Keep pressing [1] until the sequence is finished. The game will then go into the slide-show ending. If you reboot the save game, you’ll see the ending in its proper sequence with no missing visuals.