Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror

Blackstone Chronicles, for all intents and purposes, is a modern ghost story. The tale is set in the Blackstone Asylum in Blackstone, New Hampshire. Long abandoned, it has recently been turned into a museum on the history of mental health practices — but its spirits don’t rest so easily. The late head of the asylum, Malcolm Metcalf, was a sadist who relished the tortuous treatments he inflicted on his patients. Malcolm’s son, Oliver, was also a victim of his father’s sadism; he’s now on the road to recovery from a mental breakdown he had five years ago. He has a wife and young son and is getting on with his life when the opening of the asylum/ museum stirs up some old ghosts.

2_1The spirit of Malcolm Metcalf lures Oliver’s son, Josh, to the asylum and hides him away. Oliver (that’s you, of course) must make his way through the asylum to confront his own demons and save his son. These characters are never seen; they’re only heard. The only person you see in the game is Josh, who is represented by still photos strung together in one of the game’s cheesier sequences. The voices of the ghosts speak to you as you enter rooms or click on different objects. All the locations are rendered in admirable and evocative detail, with point-and-click navigation linking them together.

Gameplay is a series of barrier puzzles solved by combining and using objects, and driven by dialog with the ghosts. None of the puzzles will stop experienced gamers for long; this relative ease of play might disappoint veterans expecting a more challenging adventure game experience from Legend. The only time things ever get really tricky are in the few timed puzzles, which are easy enough to restart that they hardly slow you down.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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