911 Paramedic

Stepping into the high-pressure environment of emergency response is the premise behind 911 Paramedic, a game that puts you at the sharp end of 35 different calls, including a gangbanger being stabbed, a pregnant woman in pain, and an old fella suffering from a diabetic seizure. After completing each call, you receive a score based on how quickly and correctly you diagnosed the patient. This score, in turn, leads to promotions and the availability of new equipment.

8_1It may sound cool, but don’t be fooled — 911 doesn’t offer anything that even resembles compelling gameplay. The game makes heavy use of FMV segments — which serve as intros to new cases — and the acting quality ranges from decent enough to horrible. The meat of the game is a semi-static shot of the patient on the ground. You diagnose and treat the patient by clicking on an item, such as a stethoscope or bandage, and then clicking on the patient. A PDA tells you the result of your action, and depending on the difficulty setting, offers you hints about what you should do next.

This is fun for about one call. After that, the game is nothing more than a bunch of clicking. And once you figure out how to properly diagnose a patient, you’ll find yourself doing the same things again and again. The production values are low: 911 seems at times like the kind of multimedia project that a junior-college class might put together in six weeks. There’s not even really much acting to speak of, just a lot of folks lying on their backs.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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