While there is little to redeem or distinguish this game from a landfill of bad console ports, Battlesport mercifully shuns the requisite over-hyped movie license and attempts to break out of the jump-and-shoot mold with a 3D twist.

6Originally made for the 3DO (hence the dated graphics), Battlesport is a futuristic sports game where the player slips behind the controls of a massive hovertank to engage in one-on-one arena-style competition. Though the basic gameplay is little more than a glorified deathmatch, the real goal of each player is to gain control of a ball while using a variety of power-ups to distract or disable your opponent in order to make that winning shot. It combines Ballblazer, a teaspoon of T-Mek, and toss in the giant pixels and garish graphics from Zephyr.

Despite its fairly promising premise, Battlesport’s gameplay is dull and unappealing. You roam around a claustrophobic arena collecting power-ups, shooting at the enemy, and firing the ball at the goal with endless repetition, against a field of inadequate computer controlled goons. In typical console fashion, your adversaries have menacing names, fearsome reputations, and special abilities, but these rarely translate into any perceptible challenge ingame.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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