In Capstone’s Zorro, the fabled hero of Old Mexico gets to show off his trademark moves in a side-scrolling platform puzzler that bears a striking resemblance to the classic Prince of Persia. Unfortunately, the resemblance is only artificial.

The main problem with Zorro is its control — or the lack of it — which drags down the action to a near standstill. I’ve been playing and enjoying a couple of other action puzzlers, Flashback and Blackthorne, pretty regularly over the past couple of months, but my first experience in moving this little masked swashbuckler ended with Zorro falling nearly seven stories to his death.

7Basically, Zorro handles quite terribly. Control is extremely touchy — move the joystick just a bit too far or hold down the cursor key too long, and suddenly Zorro breaks from a cautious walk into a headlong sprint over the edge of a mine shaft. Distances are tough to judge, too. Jump to grab a ledge that looks inviting, and — whoops! — you’re airborne again and dropping like a rock. And the game aggravates the issue by putting you in dangerously tight spots from the very first level. There’s no learning curve here.

Then there’s the dated graphic look of the game, which takes the prospect of dying countless times and makes it even less appealing. Capstone saw fit to include some fairly attractive full-motion video in the cutscreens, but during actual play you won’t find any of the painstakingly rotoscoped characters or stylish backdrops gamers have come to expect from this kind of game. Instead, you’ll be treated to clunky bit-mapped characters and dull backgrounds that was inferior to any other game in 1995..

System Requirements: 486/33 MHz CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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