World Hockey 95

World Hockey 95 seems to have an identity problem. Instead of giving you the opportunity to play as your favorite NHL team, this import from Merit’s European division covers the obscure international hockey scene, where teams represent their respective countries instead of wealthy millionaires, beer companies, or movie studios. Great news if you’re a European hockey fan, but probably not so if you’re from the US. If only this were the game’s only issue.

1For a game focusing on the action aspect of hockey, World Hockey does a poor job of delivering. Regardless of controller, moving your players down the ice in a controlled fashion is a hit-and-miss affair, with slow turns, sluggish breakaways, and lazy slapshots characterizing even the strongest teams. And when you’ve mastered what little control there is, you’ll find hanging onto the puck is a chore in itself, as the opposing players seem to be able to steal the puck if they’re within shouting distance of your player.

But even though controlling the action is a problem, you still won’t have any trouble defeating the game’s AI. After spending no more than fifteen minutes playing the game, I found the sweet-spot that let me drop five goals in one period. There are a few customizable options that let you set the overall difficulty of the game, but these didn’t seem to close up this hole in the defense. Despite these frustrations, there are a few nice touches found in World Hockey 95, like the training mode that lets you practice defense and penalty shots.

System Requirements: 486/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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