Tridonis is a Command and Conquer-style RTS game featuring two playable sides with scripted missions in a fairly typical Roswell aliens (Tredionans) vs humans showdown. Each campaign features standard production and objective-based missions, with stuff like power maintenance and resource gathering as primary concerns. Three tilesets – desert, forest and urban – are used throughout the 24-mission campaigns.

2Some major issues in the game includes the lack of command grouping and units that are too damn small and hard to tell apart. All of these problems combine for some pretty messy gameplay. At least the combat is visually compelling enough, with explosions and burning debris filling a battlefield after prolonged skirmishes. Each side of the conflict has unique buildings and equipment. There are 50 types of units (aircraft, tanks, trucks, infantry), 30 types of buildings and two types of raw materials. Other niceties include a day/night cycle and a difficulty slider that can be changed on the fly.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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