7Hungarian developer Philos was aiming for the Age of Empires throne when they were working on Theocracy. It’s a strategy game set among the battling tribes of Mexico from over 500 years ago. The game will span the time covering the arrival of the Spanish to the expansion of Tenochtitlan. While historically based, the game has a definite touch of the fantastic: priestly magics that seem to be heavy on the fire spells, pyramids of sacrifice (sacrifice the hearts of slaves to get manna—needed for magic—from the gods) and magic (where priests conduct magical research), and so forth. Eight good tutorials ease you in.

In battles, players will go against rival tribes with soldiers, trained jaguars, and their priests. Weapons include catapults and the Dragon Killer (an arrow thrower), and spies can help you follow your enemy’s movements. When not fighting you have to manage your empire, conducting mining, farming, and ordering your slaves to build the structures of your culture. The ultimate goal of the game will be to defeat rival tribes and repel the Spanish.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win98

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