The Adventures of Maddog Williams

4Created according to the Sierra adventures of the 1980s, The Adventures of Maddog Williams offers a somewhat easier, more digestable experience than the classic King’s Quest series of games. It uses an old text parser as the primary method of interacting with the game environment. You walk around with the arrow keys, approach items, people or pretty much anything you can reach on foot, and type the action you with to perform (pick up rope, examine table, open door, etc). Puzzles are easier to figure out this time around, and the gameplay is surprisingly fun despite the primitive graphics.

The story follows eccentric inventory Maddog Williams, who, after a bit of exploration in the woods around his town, manages to find an evil cult hiding in a cave. The game conveys the story quite well, the puzzles are well integrated, and about the only thing out of place is an arcade action sequence that you have to play through towards the end of the game. The puzzles aren’t air tight, unfortunately. If you don’t find everything at the start of the game, for instance, you will never be unable to finish the game. You also can’t backtrack to the start of the game, either, which is annoying.

System Requirements: 8088 / 8086 CPU, 512 KB RAM, DOS 3.0

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