Terrorist Takedown: War in Colombia

11_1Yet another budget-priced military shooter with an extremely generic title, Terrorist Takedown: War in Colombia takes you to Colombia where you shoot down… you’ve guessed it – terrorist. You play as Jake Jeffers, codenamed Vector 4, and your goal is to take out three drug cartels and their leaders located in various jungle hideouts. This is very much a solo shooter, with any friendly characters tagging along being little more than cannon fodder. Each mission has its own briefing, painfully translated into English from its native Polish, outlining the basic objectives you need to accomplish.

War in Colombia is generally scripted and linear at its core. There’s only one path through the levels with little possibility for deviation. Troop placements are constantly triggered as you move through the levels – enemies pop out of nowhere behind and in front of you. It’s not the AI doing clever flanking maneuvers, however. It’s just you activating invisible scripting points that pops enemy troops into existence out of nowhere. The actual gun fights you have to wage with these guys are extremely unimpressive.

You will, at times, encounter friendly NPCs in your journeys, but they’re hardly reliable. At certain points they do nothing except pop-up here and there unannounced only to be mistaken for enemy NPCs. Often you start out a mission with a squad of friendly NPCs, the mission briefing indicates that you should clear the way for them and they’ll follow you. But mission scripting will likely ruin your efforts, however, when they won’t even budge from their place for some unknown reason.

There’s little rhyme or reason in Terrorist Takedown. It contains the same crappy AI, simplistic mission and level design, and brain dead gameplay that characterized other titles from this series (Terrorist Takedown Covert Operations). The AI is beyond reproach – in true lazy fashion, increasing the difficulty model gives enemies superhuman aim and detection powers, while still possessing the same incoherent approach to tactics. The game does have on silver lining to it – the uninstallation program is awfully fast and easy to use.

System Requirements: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 700 MB HDD, WinXP

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