Sudden Strike: Cold War Conflicts

snap1171So yeah, Cold War Conflicts might not have the official Sudden Strike label on it, but for all intents and purposes this is still a Sudden Strike game. It uses the same engine, interface and presents the same gameplay, this time wrapping the action around Cold War-era conflicts. So you’ve got battles from The Korean War, the second Arab-Israeli conflict and the Yom Kippor offensive of 1973. The most notable missing front is Vietnam, which is odd considering how that conflict was the most infamous from this period.

The game engine has been taken wholesale from Sudden Strike 2. A quick gander at the game’s screenshots testifies how similar these games are. As a result we have the same finicky mouse control system, with troops that are not only difficult to distinguish from one another, but at times impossible to make out against the battlefield. Throw in a dense jungle into the mix and confusion reigns supreme.

snap1131Not that the game engine is any more suited to the battles it does try to portray. The flat pseudo-isometric terrain of Sudden Strike 2 is retained, which does little to promote Korea’s hilltop engagements. More obvious is that SS2’s graphics were hardly cutting edge at the time and if anything, Cold War Conflict’s graphics are marginally worse. The new and updated units fit in well enough but the maps lack visible depth and cohesion. Worse still, some of the required visual effects, such as whirling ‘copter blades, appear not to have been attempted at all.

That said, the formula is still an enjoyable one, offering battles that are as strategic as any outside of the Total War series. Instead of worrying about constructing bases and mining ore, the resource system is based on managing supplies, which puts the emphasis firmly back on military matters. Moreover, the ability to assault and control buildings compensates to some extent for the featureless terrain you’re forced to war across.

System Requirements: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Win98

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