Star Wars: Episode I – Battle for Naboo

In Battle for Naboo you play the role of one Gavyn Sykes of Naboo’s Royal Security Forces. The evil Trade Federation—the decaf non-fat latte version of the much feared Empire—has attacked the peaceful planet Naboo, and while the Queen runs off to get help from the Galactic Senate, you get left behind to build an army of rebels and fight the invaders.

The mission-based action gameplay takes you from the streets of Naboo’s capital city out into the countryside, to swamps, mountains, and several other poorly rendered venues. With graphics featuring some truly bland textures and sad-looking 2D sprites, the total package is uglier than Chewbacca on a bad hair day. You scoot around this low-resolution playground in the game’s half-dozen or so vehicles.

2_1Some hover close to the ground, others fly around, but they’re all basically the same. They all have similar primary blaster-type weapons and secondary missile-type weapons, and each handles worse than a three-legged AT-AT. Your enemies are all manner of droid-craft that you’re forced to chase around in circles; a task made frustratingly difficult by a radar display with no height indicator and a pitifully short viewing range that causes enemy vehicles to pop into existence much closer than you expect.

The 15 or so missions themselves are fairly similar and largely uninspired, and would be mostly harmless if not for the fact that almost every mission is instantly lost if any of your incredibly stupid allies succeed in getting themselves killed which results in a mission restart. Your only incentive to fulfill anything other than the bare minimum requirements for mission success are a couple of lame technology enhancements for your vehicles. Once you’ve played through one of these missions a dozen times just to get it right once, however, do you really want to try to do it again just to get enhanced shields?

System Requirements: Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 100 MB HDD, Win95

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