SEGA Touring Car Championship

Generic SEGA racer no.5914E2 fails too impress.


Graphically this might have ruled on the SEGA Saturn, but as a ’98 PC game it’s atrocious.

SEGA Touring Car Championship seems to have consciously been designed to offend and bore in equal measure. You get four, count ’em – FOUR – “road beasts” and “two thrilling driving perspectives,” not to mention its three tracks (with one bonus track to be discovered) and – gasp! – a digital rear-view mirror! By 1993 standards this would have been revolutionary, but it’s unfortunately half a decade late. 3D support? Forget it. A car that suffers damage as it careens off walls? Not here. Resolutions over 320×240? Nope. How about an interesting new slant on the driving genre, such as the ones provided by Carmageddon or Quarantine? Not happening.

You’d think the root of this offense might have been 1997’s SEGA Rally Championship, an unambitious arcade racer with almost just as few features. Touring Car Championship is actually worse, crashing on numerous occasions and delivering driving sensations akin to a 2D Gameboy racer when it ran. The idea of giving the game a superficially similar sounding title to Rally Championship with the hope of squeezing a few meager dollars off unwary customers might have been SEGA’s business model.

But the core problem stems back much farther than this, with Touring Car Championship having been released on the SEGA Arcade way back in 1996, a full two years before the PC port. It was a meager racer then, and the added advancements in technology and gaming within those intervening years made this PC conversion look like the veritable fossil that it was… and still is.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95

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