Rollcage is simple, fast, wall-driving arcade fun.

Gorgeous, vividly colored and played at breakneck speeds liable to exhaust even the most tenacious of caffeine addicts, Rollcage is all about fast, mind-numbing arcade racing through some of the fastest and over-saturated tracks you’ll ever see. Thoroughly entertaining while at the same time thoroughly irrelevant, Rollcage has its fair share of adrenaline-inducing driving in circles, a catchy soundtrack and a few added gameplay designs earning its place as one of the most disorienting racers ever.

8A futuristic race game with “gravity-defying adrenaline-pumping 360 degree racing action”, this style of game hasn’t really evolved much since it was called WipeOut. Or was it Motorhead? Or Dethkarz? Or Powerslide? It’s as if there’s some feature-set for this type of game to follow, but Rollcage nonetheless manages to look way better than any of the aforementioned examples. In fact it’s downright awe-inspiring in many ways, with some of the most brightly colored and highly contrasted graphics seen in any racing game, and for a 3D release of ’99 it’s quite spectacular.

The game’s brimming with visual goodness, from gratuitous (multicolored, no less) lens flare to enormous (multicolored, of course) explosions. This entire visual orgy moves so quickly and beautifully in front of you that you’ll barely notice there’s not a whole lot of game here. On the higher difficulty levels, the game’s excessive speed renders play incomprehensible—you’ll likely have no idea why you’re heading up the side of a wall or flipping wildly through the air (only to magically hit an invisible barrier that keeps you from permanently flying off into space).

The racing tracks are quite numerous – there are 20 in all – and they whiz by to a pulsating techno beat. There’s the old “power-up” weapon grab (but unlike other games, you can carry two at a time instead of just one) and more assorted pyrotechnics than you can shake a rocket launcher at. Of course none of this is actually new, and the game’s only relative semblance of originality is provided by each car’s ability to drive on walls and ceilings, a feature that, when coupled with the wayward camera system, creates more problems than it solves.

But man, is it blazingly fun when you pull through a track at borderline supersonic speeds. In the end Rollcage is still cool and enjoyable in a simple, mind-numbingly arcade sort of way,

System Requirements: Pentium MMX 166 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95

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