8Of foreign import, Resurrection is an effort to emulate many fighting action-adventures such as Severance or Rune. Unfortunately, there’s a reason you might have heard about Severence and Rune but not Resurrection. It has all of the half-assed mistakes and poor design common with games created by ambitious but amateur upstarts. It’s half adventure and half fighting game. Three heroes must defeat a dreaded demon who is attempting to resurrect a Black Dragon, a beast that will bring fourth the apocalypse. Character choices include a warrior, sorcerer and assassin (aka rogue) which you can guide through the main story.

The gameplay is simplified to the extreme. It all boils down to killing everyone, and when you are not killing things you are on keyhunting quests to progress to the next level. Simple and sterile, but some games have built exceptional experiences over those simple concepts, right? Not Resurrection I’m afraid. Killing enemies is a frustrating, dull affair since the action is sluggish thanks to the delayed controls. On top of that the collision detection is exceptionally poor so it becomes quite a challenge to hit anything. The only strategy is to lounge forward and click the mouse away frantically.

Levels are a collection of dark, soulless geometry clobbered together like some Frankenstein’s monster. Key hunts are your only alternate gameplay gimmick, though you won’t find any excitement here either. Each character is supposed to play differently and you do have different skills for each one but I’ll be damned if they give the gameplay any depth, especially since they all rely on an energy bar that depletes almost instantly. The mage plays just like the warrior, except she shoots weak fireballs that take an eternity to recharge. The assassin is supposed to bring a sneaking angle to the game, but sneaking is next to impossible and doesn’t offer any advantages.

There’s also a fighting game thrown in their out of desperation, but it’s such a joke that you wonder why it was even included. There are only three characters to choose from, there is no two-player support and the combos are meh. In other words, stay away. Far away.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, DOS

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