Quarantine II: Road Warrior

11Road Warrior is a first-person car driving and combat game from GameTek, and sequel to the violent but not quite Carmageddon-tier fun Quarantine. Once again you are Drake Edgewater, merc cab driver, and you have to do jobs in a nasty post-apocalyptic Earth. Your taxi is armed to the teeth, so when bad guys get in your way, gibs start a-flying. You have a roof mounted chaingun, exploding mines, and even a missile launcher.

There’s a general comic book style throughout Road Warrior that pushes the missions forward. The game is a lot more focused on mission-based levels than the previous game, an approach the gives it more coherence. You perform a lot of missions for the underground, tracking down targets, shooting down choppers or herding mutant pigs. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

There are time limits to missions. Take too long to accomplish an objective, and you’re doomed to repeat it. As you progress through each mission, new places are unlocked, including dystopian cities and a groovy amusement park that bears a striking resemblance to Disneyland. The engine is pretty much identical to that of the first Quarantine, which is to say it’s rather unimpressive. It won’t dethrone Carmageddon anytime soon, but it’s still a bloody fun little car combat game all the same.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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