Quake II: Juggernaut

Juggernaut, an unofficial expansion pack for Quake II (you need to have it installed before playing), botches up just about everything an addon should offer. Abbreviated cut scenes reveal glimpses of the original plot, though the background story never really coheres into anything. Short-term goals are relayed through the [F1] Objectives key. Often, these briefings contain lame text descriptions of your surroundings (perhaps to assist blind Quake II players).

10_1The game itself promises new weapons, monsters and levels. The weapons and monsters, however, are lame re-skins of the originals. The Machinegun and Hyperblaster may look and sound somewhat different, but they’re still the Machinegun and Hyperblaster. The “new” enemies may have gotten a skin graft as well, but their AI quickly expose them as identical twins to those in Quake II. Rather than craft difficult situations with reasonable creature counts, Juggernaut overwhelms players by sheer force of numbers and a scarce supply of weaponry.

Juggernaut’s 27 maps, even with the new texture set, smack of amateurish level design. They really are the sort of maps you would expect to find in a free mod, made by people who’ve enjoyed the original Quake 2 maps, tried to replicate them, but failed miserably. All of the maps seemed to have been built on the fly, containing little cohesion that would make them resemble anything other than boxes of geometry inter-connected by tunnels and elevators.

Even as a budget release (the game originally sold for about $20), Juggernaut doesn’t have any redeeming qualities to make it’s existence justifiable. It would have been well received if it were a free mod or map pack, but as a retail product, standards are set higher, and it fails them.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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