Dive: The Conquest of Silver Eye

“You check your equipment one last time before sinking into the water’s inky blackness. After years of chasing leads and sifting through ancient maps you are closing in on Silver Eye- the legendary pirate’s hideout. The slap of cold water has no effect on your delirium. A rift in the seawall reveals an opening.

You cannot resist the temptation to go deeper and upon discovering the opening to the pirate’s world, you almost choke on your respirator and are aware of your fate. Not only are you out of oxygen, but the challenge to survive on your wits and knowledge of Silver Eye makes you a slave of Dive… the Conquest of Silver Eye.”

10This is the premise written on the box cover for this game, and if the narrative had been passed as a text adventure, perhaps it would have fared much better. Granted, you can’t blame WizardWorks, a small publisher that mainly deals in releasing shovelware CDs, for creating a craptastic and forgettable point and click adventure. Developing a point and click game takes a lot of work and resources, and Dive likely couldn’t enjoy the quality of 3D programs or artistic talent needed for such an endeavor.

But then the question remains… why even bother? The game looks absolutely horrid. The pre-rendered animations are passable and smooth scrolling, but when the game stops moving and you have to examine your surroundings, it’s simply bad beyond belief. Gameplay is typical first-person Myst item hunts and inventory combinations – nothing special. I’ll admit that I barely scratched the surface since the visuals were so abhorrent that I had no interest to play very long. If you have any sense, you’ll move on and find better point and click games to play.

System Requirements: PPentium 90 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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