Quake II – Cheat Codes

Press ~ (tilde) to access the console, then enter the following:

map #
give all
give health
give weapons
give ammo
give armor
give body armor
give jacket armor
give blaster
give shotgun
give super shotgun
give machinegun
give chaingun
give grenade launcher
give rocket launcher
give railgun
give bfg10k
give shells
give bullets
give cells
give grenades
give rockets
give slugs
give quad damage
give invulnerability
give silencer
give rebreather
give environment suit
give ancient head
give adrenaline
give bandolier
give ammo pack
give data cd
give power cube
give pyramid key
give data spinner
give commander’s head
give red key
give security pass
God mode (turn on/off)
Enemies ignore you (turn on/off)
No clipping mode (turn on/off)
Replace # with mapname. eg: ‘map base2. ‘See map list.
Get all weapons, items, ammo and armor
100 health
All weapons
Body Armor
Jacket Armor
Super Shotgun
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
10 Shells
50 Bullets
50 Cells
5 Grenades
5 Rockets
5 Slugs
Quad Damage
Environment Suit
Ancient Head
Bandolier (increase ammo capacity)
Ammo Pack
Data CD (puzzle item)
Power Cube (puzzle item)
Pyramid Key (puzzle item)
Data Spinner (puzzle item)
Commander’s Head (puzzle item)
Red Key (puzzle item)
Security Pass (puzzle item)

Other Useful Console Commands:

kill all – Kill All (including yourself)
sv_gravity – Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more)
cl_blend 0 – Blend into walls (1 to disable)
cl_footsteps 0 – Silent footsteps (1 to enable again)
cl_entities – Removes all except walls (for you only)
cl_forwardspeed # – Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300)
cl_gun 0 – Gun view off (1 to enable again)

Map List

Outer Base – base1.bsp
Installation – base2.bsp
Comm Center – base3.bsp
Lost Station – train.bsp
Ammo Depot – bunk1.bsp
Supply Station – ware1.bsp
Warehouse – ware2.bsp
Main Gate – jail1.bsp
Destination Center – jail2.bsp
Security Complex – jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers – jail4.bsp
Guard House – jail5.asp
Grid Control – security.bsp
Mine Entrance – mintro.asp
Upper Mines – mine1.bsp
Borehole – mine2.bsp
Drilling Area – mine3.bsp
Lower Mines – mine4.bsp
Receiving Center – fact1.bsp
Sudden Death – fact3.bsp
Processing Plant – fact2.bsp
Power Plant – power1.bsp
The Reactor – power2.bsp
Cooling Facility – cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump – waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1 – waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2 – waste3.bsp
Big Gun – biggun.bsp
Outer Hangar – hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite – space.bsp
Research Lab – lab.bsp
Inner Hangar – hangar2.bsp
Launch Command – command.bsp
Outlands – strike.bsp
Outer Courts – city1.bsp
Lower Palace – city2.bsp
Upper Palace – city3.bsp
Inner Chamber – boss1.bsp
Final Showdown – boss2.bsp


  • The Quake II engine was used and modified in several other gaming projects from various devs, including SiN, Anachronox, Heretic II, Daikatana, Soldier of Fortune, Kingpin: Life of Crime, and UFO: Alien Invasion
  • The alien writing present in the game is actually simple English written in Strogg alphabet. They are easy to decipher – vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net