Pearl Harbor: Strike at Dawn

Snap16Pearl Harbor: Strike at Dawn is another unassuming arcade flying game. Fly one of nine American aircraft in various theaters of war in the Pacific, including – as the title rightly suggests – Pearl Harbor. The flight mechanics are blatantly simplified, and while the AI at least pretends to be constrained by aerodynamic consistencies, your plane can perform flawless 90 degree turns without a beat, climb or dive at huge angles of attack and not have the airframe shatter to pieces. Your plane levels horizontally after each turn, so it doesn’t matter whether you play with a joystick or a keyboard.

You can control difficulty levels and can also choose to play quick missions in various visibility conditions, or fly in daytime or night-time hours. Planes range from fighters to fighter bombers and heavy bombers, though you have to engage in dogfights with every type of aircraft. If you ever wondered how dumb it would be for a fully-loaded B-25 to go against several fighter planes, then… well, you can experience it all here. Bomber missions are also available with an extremely simplified bomber sight encompassing all of the usual ground targets.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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