Mortyr 2

The original Mortyr was a budget release that stripped the first-person shooter down to its bare-boned, unceremonious essentials. It had the artificial intelligence, level design and gameplay of the original Wolfenstein, but was rendered in 3D (albeit poorly rendered). The prospect of funding, designing and releasing a sequel was more than a little surprising considering the dubious quality of the first game, but what’s even more surprising is that Mortyr 2 isn’t as terrible as you might expect.

4_1The crapshack story involves time travel, secret weapons and other sci fi motifs, but the narrative is little more than an excuse to ventilate Nazis in both WW2-era environments as well as the future. As with the original, you’ll spend parts of the game in 1943 then in 2093- when the Nazis have long took over and are running things. You play Sven Mortyr, evidently a distant relative of the first game’s time-hopping Sebastian Mortyr. The leather-clad bad guys are building a giant, earth-shattering rocket, and it’s your job to travel through time and space in order to put a stop to it.

You’ll be going through the gamut of stock World War 2 levels – a Nazi mansion, a Nazi secret research base, a Nazi train station, etc. Basically, every place you’ve battled through Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Medal of Honor received a makeover in Mortyr 2. The graphics, though costly on system specs, nonetheless do a competent job of rendering sharp details. They are, to their credit, more beautiful than we generally have a right to expect from budget-priced games.

Some welcome variety in level design and generally intense firefights also help keep the game from sinking into total mediocrity. Unlike the levels of the original, Mortyr 2 gives you some defense missions, rail shooting bits, and even a few controllable vehicles. One such level, for instance, borrows from the Tram level of the first Half-Life, where you have to drive a small train through Nazi-infested lands, frequently jumping out to clear the area and open up new locations.

The shooting, however, is merely competently handled, and won’t elicit the kind of thrills you would get from its more competently-developed gaming betters, like Half-Life 2 or even older games like Medal of Honor. It’s definitely no jewel in the rough, but as far as budgetware games go, one shouldn’t go to hard on it either – it could have been so much worse.

System Requirements: Pentium II 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Win95

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