Mega Man Legends

10_1Rock Man. The Blue Bomber. Mega Man X. All names for the hero in what’s probably Capcom’s most successful franchise. With a resume of more than 10 games across almost every gaming platform, Mega Man is an unstoppable robot-fighting machine. In this latest manifestation, PC gamers have been dumped a port of the 1998 PlayStation title Mega Man Legends. Unfortunately, this game neither realizes the brilliance of its predecessors nor takes advantage of the PC’s vast graphics potential.

This Mega Man is a 14-year-old boy living in the future. The icecaps have melted, covering the world with water and forcing people to live on patches of land. A mysterious treasure known as the “Mother Lode†is rumored to have the power to save the human race. But in this awful iteration the evil Dr. Wily isn’t around to stop you, nor are his colorful robot henchmen. Instead, Mega Man faces pirates and cave critters in a droning, zero-personality quest to save humanity.

It’s a 3D world, although it’s fairly obvious that the series was never meant to transcend that third dimension. Every element screams the pathetic choked cry “console port,†from the bland textures to the monotonous gameplay. Mega Man spends almost the entire game running through rectangular caverns and empty fields, shooting at the same enemies over and over. Gone is the ability to absorb your opponent’s weapon, a feature synonymous with Mega Man titles; in its place is a coin-collecting scheme. Wow.

With levels that look half-complete and a storyline more mind-numbing than a C-Span marathon, Mega Man Legends fails miserably as a PC game. Hardcore Mega Man fans should grab themselves a PC version of the superior Mega Man X4 instead of this one.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win98

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