Krusty’s Super Fun House

3Krusty’s house has been invaded by rats, but instead of calling the exterminator you have to go in and lead the pesky things to the rat-bashing machine located in every level. To encourage the rodents to go towards the machine you have to remove obstacles and lead them down a path. Sounds simple, and at first it is. But later levels are a real headache. Think of this game as a sort of Lemmings, but with a Simpsons license.

The game does place more emphasis on the arcade side of things, with stuff like secrect rooms and bonuses to collect. But it’s a healthy mix of puzzles and arcade action that makes it interesting. The levels are complex, so a fair amount of exploration is needed – it’s all too easy to lose your way.

System Requirements: 386 CPU, 580K RAM, DOS

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