In Eliminator you are in a futuristic arena filled with obstacles such as robots, land mines and gun turrets. You are required to reach the finish line under a certain amount of time. You collect time bonuses by blowing up your enemies. As you progress through a level you enter several different arenas where you must kill everything before you may proceed. It gets old really fast.

Like DeathDrome, in Eliminator you are a prisoner in a set of closed arenas fighting to survive and ultimately to escape. Unlike DeathDrome, however, you usually don’t always have wide open spaces to duke it out with the opposition. The specific story in Eliminator has you playing a prisoner of war in a military testing facility where your survival skills are pitted against your captor’s arsenal. You take them on using a number of different hovercrafts.

6_1Time pressure plays too much of an importance for success, particularly in defeating challenges near or at the end of levels: for example, in one case if you do not hit an obscure sequence of targets fast enough you are crushed by walls closing in on you. The artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled enemies here is virtually nonexistent, as they simply move clumsily from place to place in predictable and repetitive patterns. Things are so bad here that even if you shoot at one of the adversaries marching along its path, it does not react.

The weapons selection is boring, and by the end I did not even have a favorite armament (which is really unusual for me). There is little novelty to be found in any part of the play, as for example having a stricken enemy spider release several baby spiders at you, looks borrowed directly from another recent action shooter from Psygnosis, Shadow Master. The physics of movement and collision detection are also decidedly mediocre.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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