In Cold Blood

snap175Spying a good adventure.

A second Cold War is in full swing, but this time it’s between the Americans and the Chinese. When a CIA agent goes missing in what is supposed to be a Russian uranium mine, they send in MI6 man John Cord to find and bring him home. But when things go bad, Cord finds himself involved in something much worse. And so moves along Revolution Software’s In Cold Blood, mostly in standard adventure-style, but with the addition of gunplay and even a little hand-to-hand combat.

Although discretion is preferred, violence is at times your only option, and you’ll either have to fire your pistol to down enemy guards, or quietly walk up behind them and take them out with a quick jab to the neck. The balance is good, at least if you prefer puzzles and adventure to gunplay – this isn’t a Resident Evil clone by any means. Some quick reflexes may be needed, but the addition of weapons shouldn’t be a deterrent for adventure fans

Generally, the missions are tough, but like most Revolution games, the puzzles maintain a sense of order and logic. You’ll often have to run back and forth between some areas in the game, however—talking to one person, then investigating something or finding an object, then going back again. The pre-rendered 3D backdrops are detailed and sharp looking, and the game has a crisp and attractive look to it.

snap121The audio work is quite impressive. The score is great as well as the effects, and the latter plays a key role in the game. Nearby enemies will actually be able to hear and respond to gunshots and alarms. Consequently, being quiet and sneaky is generally the preferred way to get around. Good adventure games are hard to find but In Cold Blood certainly qualifies. Its control issues, problematic camera angles (as is the norm with these types of games) and lack of 3D acceleration aside, the mix of classic adventure-style gameplay, intriguing storyline, logical puzzles and just a touch of action make it a worthwhile spy adventure.

System Requirements: Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 400 MB HDD, Win95

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