I Of The Enemy

13_1I Of The Enemy, a real-time strategy throwback with a team-based component and 2D overhead graphics, follows a pretty formulaic sci-fi storyline. The alien Unath have been fighting a violent battle against other races, and it’s only an alliance between the three less powerful sides – Lokob, Rag’Ha and Y’dray – that the two opposing forces are evenly matched. A large campaign of 25 canned missions spanning three planets await. The game itself is from a small developer, so the graphics (including the intro cinematic) are notably low key. The 2D units, maps and animations make the game feel notably retro.

Missions are typical search and destroy deals, with next to zero emphasis on base building or resource gathering. Instead of giving the player the ability to build tons of structures and do tons of research, the game only gives you one important structure – the Starport – which summons new units that make up the bulk of your army. The range of units that you can summon is pretty diverse, and you usually have to combine a large number of ground and air units. Paying attention to mission briefings give you a good idea what to expect strategically.

The role-playing aspect of the game means you have to pay close attention to unit management. They gain XP as you play and each one can attain four levels of experience, from lowly recruit to top-notch elite. When your units gain experience they gain morale, toughness, speed, and can be brought back in future missions. After completing a mission and before you start your next, you have the option of bringing in some experienced units to help you out, and it’s always important to try to keep those guys alive.

Missions start off quite blandly but get steadily harder and more complex. The main premise behind the game – teleporting your fighting force – gets more challenging as you’re forced to work with limited numbers and must make smarter use of what you have. Rushing the opposition is never really an option, fortunately. You have to prod and try different tactics all throughout. Overall, however, I of the Enemy won’t turn many heads. It’s neither hugely complex, clever or fueled by raw adrenaline. It’s instead simple and low key, but with a few original touches to keep it from sinking into obscurity.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win98

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