8A powerful wizard is messing about in his lab when he accidentally causes an explosion that supernaturally animates both of his gloves. While the good glove is thrown clear of the explosion, the other flies into a bubbling cauldron and becomes corrupted with the power of Pure Evil. Now, as Glover, you must go and recover Seven Magic Stone Thingies that have been scattered to the outskirts of the kingdom, and beat the stuffing out of the Evil Glove, who has somehow managed to transform your happy Disney-esque kingdom into a postapocalyptic landscape.

What all of the above means is that you’re put in control of the game’s main character, a walking and talking white glove. The basic goal of each stage is to find a rubber ball that contains one of the Magic Stone Thingies and safely transport it through the level by pushing it, throwing it, or jumping on it like a trampoline. You can also transform the ball into a bowling ball, which can easily crush crates; a ball-bearing, which makes it easier to navigate small areas; or a magical crystal that seems to break a lot and not do much of anything.

Unfortunately, Glover’s actual gameplay is so utterly screwed up, there’s really not much point. When you’re playing as Glover by himself, the control is fine — you just trot around and platform-jump to your heart’s content. But once you get the ball, get ready for some headaches; keeping tabs on the damn thing gets horribly annoying. Your precious bouncing ball keeps rolling off cliffs and forcing you to go back to the beginning of many levels — or to the options screen to commit “suicide.” The incredibly fiddly controls essentially require an analog gamepad; playing with the keyboard is simply not an option. Glover does virtually nothing right except when it comes time to throw the ball. When you punch the button to give it a toss, the game draws a parabola displaying where your pitch will go.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win95

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