Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time

10As Bugs Bunny, your task in Lost in Time is to play through several eras of time in order to get back to the present day. The eras include The Stone Age (Elmer Fudd), The Medieval Times (Witch Hazel), The 1930s (Rocky and Mugsy), Pirate Years (Yosemite Sam) and Dimension X (Marvin the Martian). In order to progress through and complete the eras you must find golden carrots and clocks. Rabbit holes (your portals to and from the various levels within each era) can only be opened once you secure the appropriate number of clocks.

You begin your journey in Merlin’s Nowhere Land, where you learn the various moves and actions that will be required to complete your journey. Merlin is your guide throughout the game and will appear at different times to offer you training in special skills you will need as well as to save your game at certain points. The skills you need are focused primarily on platform-style jumping (more on that in a bit), with the usual throwing, climbing, and rolling actions tossed in, and the unique ability to use Bugs’ ears like a helicopter to slow your descent from high jumps. You will also have the chance to drive everything from a car and motorcycle to a unicycle.

The PlayStation 1 graphics are very good. The voice characterizations are excellent, with the exception of Elmer Fudd. Classic Bugs Bunny cartoon scenarios are successfully integrated into games built into the levels. One great example is taken from “Rabbit Season, Duck Season,” in which you race against both the clock and Daffy Duck to switch a large number of signs displaying Bugs’ or Daffy’s portraits. Whoever appears on the most signs when time runs out is the recipient of the wrong end of Elmer’s shotgun, played out in a cut scene faithfully reminiscent of the original cartoon.

7Much of the game is built around platform-style jumping. Lot and lots of jumping. Eventually it becomes rather annoying, in part because of the lack of depth perception in certain parts of the game. In Dimension X the levels are suspended in space, and one series of platforms you must navigate appear and disappear under your feet. Without any usable reference of distance between the platforms, it becomes little more than an exercise in frustration. This is the only real flaw in Lost in Time’s gameplay, which is otherwise very fun.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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